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You know you are having a bad day when you are being evicted from a shelter

A single woman recently approached Restore in the predicament of being evicted from a shelter with no living options or savings, let’s call her Anne.

Anne did not want to end up on the streets, and we didn’t want her to either.

She was receiving $300 a month in financial support, but was only eligible for this as long as she had an address. Unfortunately, the affordable housing solution in the GTA has a wait list of 50,000 people. Read more

We all know that people fall through the cracks, how and why does it continue to happen?

A senior, Mary, had been asking for a food voucher from a Markham church for a couple months in a row. The food voucher system is meant to be only a short-term crisis solution, so the CPs from one Markham church looked into the situation.

They found that Mary had been living off of $460 per month, paying rent of $400. This left her with $60, which was causing her to supplement her income with food vouchers to survive. Mary was constantly finding herself out of money in the last half of every month for years and had gotten used to this way of life. Read more

All around the world, children are being abandoned. Markham is no exception…

Restore recently had the privilege of meeting two sisters, 18 and 14.

They had lost their mom to cancer last December and were left by their father this Spring to fend for themselves. If that weren’t tough enough, he also signed his debt over in the name of the oldest girl…

Read more

Though thankful for Medicare in Ontario, we all know it isn’t perfect. And when it stops short for the least of these, who will step in?

This is a story about a single mom with two children.

One of her daughters required a medical device that cost $4800, but she did not have any savings left after meeting her bills each month. She qualified for a grant of $4000.00 and found a family friend who would provide $400, but she was still $400 short. A Care Planner was able to work with a church in Markham to provide the remaining $400 payable to Sick Kids Hospital and they were able to obtain the device they needed for daughters recovery.

Sometimes it takes a whole community to care for one individual. Government alone is not enough, family alone is not enough and friends alone are not enough alone. But together we can encourage individuals through giving if we are willing to see the gaps that must be filled.

When It Goes Wrong for Seniors They Get Hit Hard

December, 2012

Many people ask us how people need to know to contact Restore to get help. There are many different ways, but this question makes an assumption that none of those in need are actually members of any of the Markham churches. Read more