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“Restore is the faith community’s biggest asset.”

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God is doing amazing work through Restore.  He is bringing awareness to people with a heart to do something, and together they are.  He is showing a community of believers how they can be shaped by walking along side people who are different from themselves.  He is giving us all an opportunity to grow and people are noticing.

Restore trained Care Planners have helped more than 387 families in the Markham area by listening to their situation, partnering with them to make a plan that works for them, and walking with them until they are able to walk on their own.  This has resulted in a 60% reduction in repeat asks.  That means 60% of people who are no longer dependent on aid and remain in our community.

This movement is made of up volunteers, not specialists.  It is people who go to a church that’s vision statement includes something like “being involved in the community” and who think it’s about time they make that a reality.

This is more than a charity, more than a hand out, it is community forming relationships with its community, no matter how diverse their faith, background, or economic situation.

Restore received a call from an individual who exclaimed “Restore is the Markham faith community’s biggest asset” and went on to say that they were going to financially support Restore.  It is so encouraging to hear that people see the value in what God can do when we work together and we are excited for more people to catch the vision.