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“The early church ended poverty!  In Acts 2 and 4, the scripture says that all the believers shared everything they had, and no one claimed any of their possessions were their own, and then it says, and there were no needy persons among them.  They ended poverty.  We are to continue to be God’s mystical body.  God has no other hands but ours; no other feet but ours, and the strange thing is that our God does not want to change the world without us.” – Shane Claiborne

Restore Method of Care Canada works to equip faith communities to help individuals in physical, emotional or financial distress with the aim of restoring them to health and sustainable life.

Your donation helps us to provide training and training materials, the maintenance and expansion of our database of vetted service contacts, client management system and other tools which support and maximize the work of those serving in our communities.

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