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Though thankful for Medicare in Ontario, we all know it isn’t perfect. And when it stops short for the least of these, who will step in?

This is a story about a single mom with two children.

One of her daughters required a medical device that cost $4800, but she did not have any savings left after meeting her bills each month. She qualified for a grant of $4000.00 and found a family friend who would provide $400, but she was still $400 short. A Care Planner was able to work with a church in Markham to provide the remaining $400 payable to Sick Kids Hospital and they were able to obtain the device they needed for daughters recovery.

Sometimes it takes a whole community to care for one individual. Government alone is not enough, family alone is not enough and friends alone are not enough alone. But together we can encourage individuals through giving if we are willing to see the gaps that must be filled.

Abuse Often Leaves a Trail of Damage

Markham, June 2013

After years of suffering an abusive relationship, a Markham woman, Judy, finally made the courageous decision to end her relationship.

Her boyfriend left her not only with scars from an abusive relationship and damage to her home but also pregnant with a child in a financially challenging situation. Read more

New Canadians are Significantly Affected by Economic Hardship

A family man living in Markham, Jim, recently approached Restore with his predicament. Most often, when people come to Restore, they have exhausted what other resources they have- friends, family, agencies. But for a new Canadian, they have little if any of a social network. Read more


Restore organized volunteers from several Markham churches to donate and hand out school supplies to families with children starting school who may not have been able to afford supplies. A way to encourage the children in the new school year! See video