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Women Walking with Women

Two women friends walking

In most cases, people approach Restore or any one of our Markham churches in need of something tangible and immediate. But in this story, a woman who we’ll call Elena, showed us how Restore prevents people from falling through the cracks. Read more

Keeping Warm

This is a remarkable example of community members coming together to solve problems.

A mother of three young children recently left her abusive husband and temporarily moved into a shelter until she could figure out an apartment. Once in the apartment, she fell into arrears on her Hydro bill and ended up with an overdue $3800 bill, about to be cut off in a couple of days. Losing heat at this time of year with 3 young kids was setting her into a panic. Read more

The Will to Change; the Community to Get There

September 2008 – November 2013

Four years ago, a brother in Markham was struggling with addictions, going from program to program in recovery centres, but never being successful. He has a Masters degree and was a successful financial planner before getting into drugs, losing his wife and daughter, and everything that he had. At a loss and seemingly unable to help himself although willing, he attempted to commit suicide. Read more