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All around the world, children are being abandoned. Markham is no exception…

Restore recently had the privilege of meeting two sisters, 18 and 14.

They had lost their mom to cancer last December and were left by their father this Spring to fend for themselves. If that weren’t tough enough, he also signed his debt over in the name of the oldest girl…

Having just graduated from highschool with few options, the oldest took whatever part time work she could find to support her and her sister. When her hours got cut back she began falling behind on her bills. When she realized she needed some help, she was directed to a Care Planner.

The CP met with them and was impressed by the eldest’s hard working attitude and the younger sister’s dedication to school. The CP investigated options available and developed support from three churches to catch her up in her arrears and help her find new work. These two sisters now have more than just each other, and though it is hard they are in a much better place now to move forward.