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When It Goes Wrong for Seniors They Get Hit Hard

December, 2012

Many people ask us how people need to know to contact Restore to get help. There are many different ways, but this question makes an assumption that none of those in need are actually members of any of the Markham churches.

In the winter of 2012, a senior male from one of our Markham churches, Bob, found himself living on a disability support that had been reduced by $365. This left him short $200 each month on his necessities. He tried hard to keep his payments up but accrued debts in his utilities and medical prescriptions.

This man had no family to turn to and was desperate, so he decided to ask a Markham church for some food help. The Care Planner at that church decided that they wanted to do more than just lend food vouchers for a while. Looking into it, it turned out that the senior would soon begin receiving OAS (Old Age Security) for an additional $400 a month.  This was encouraging news, but Bob would have to wait 6 months.

The CP crafted a plan with 2 other Markham churches to provide meal and food support for 6 months to make up the deficiency. In this time they also grew to know Bob well and understand his situation. He loved to chat with all of those visiting to help him and friendships formed between those volunteering their time to help and Bob.

The churches got to know Bob as not just a statistic to whom they would give money to help but as a loved member of the community, with struggles and gifts of his own to share. Those six months weren’t totally easy even with the food support, but as of July, Bob is now receiving his full support and is so appreciative to have the financial stress behind him.