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You know you are having a bad day when you are being evicted from a shelter

A single woman recently approached Restore in the predicament of being evicted from a shelter with no living options or savings, let’s call her Anne.

Anne did not want to end up on the streets, and we didn’t want her to either.

She was receiving $300 a month in financial support, but was only eligible for this as long as she had an address. Unfortunately, the affordable housing solution in the GTA has a wait list of 50,000 people.

Anne resorted to couch surfing, which is only fun when it’s a short term way to travel. The Care Planner team from a  Markham Church found an option for her to live in a Rent Geared-to-Income house in London. She agreed to move, and with the help of 5 Markham churches she was given enough furniture to furnish her new apartment, rent moving trucks and move to London to help her make a new start. Anne now has a part time job and is doing so much better emotionally.