Ways to get involved

There are 3 ways to support the local work of lifting others out of distress

Care Planner

The heartbeat of Restore, Care Planners have a deep desire to impact those hurting in their community. Following training, Care Planners are matched by Restore staff to individuals/families and work to identify the core source of distress in our clients lives. Through collaboration with our partners, they work to allocate resources to help our clients through their darkest points with the dream of a sustainable turn-around.

Care Giver

Are you a Mechanic? Psychotherapist? Dentist? Handy? Willing to help move, drive, pick up groceries? Helping those in distress requires a broad community of support. Those who are willing come alongside our Care Planners by providing practical “helps” to our clients. By lending resource within the care plan we offer the best possible opportunity for long-term community health. What skill, gift, or resource can you offer?


Restore starts and stays in communities through a core group of “Founders”, who gather to form a local “hub”. This group of caring adults are committed to social inclusion, poverty-reduction, helping those in their darkest moments, and sharing the good news of the person of Jesus. “Founders” are made up of church leaders and participants, business and political leaders, professionals, administrators and more.

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