What is a
Restore ‘Hub’?

Hubs are a vital part of our future sustainability and long-term community impact.

Hubs actively support Restore through fundraising, securing administrative resources, and encouraging staff and volunteers. They create public awareness, protect the integrity of the mission, ensure fiscal responsibility and encourage the development of leadership to grow the local mission with those in distress.

Why a hub?

The formation of a community “hub” is a critical step in the work of Restore. This grassroots movement of adults pools resources: money, volunteers, and “helps” in order to support those in times of their greatest need. Without a local hub, Restore does not have the necessary tools to operate. Thus, our partnerships with communities is an essential step in our vision that every person in distress comes to understand God’s dream for their life.

To get started:

Any interested adults–or a group of adults–contacts Restore about the possibility of working with those in distress in their community. Restore will help guide the following process:  

  • Hold exploratory meetings to inform and gauge local interest in establishing a hub in the community
  • A hub is established with 8 or more individuals, is organized and begins to meet regularly
  • Budget creation, orientation and training is all guided by Restore
  • The hub will continue to grow in its capacity for care as more volunteers become engaged, trained and deployed in the community

Curious about starting a Restore Hub?

It’s incredible to see a life changed for the long term. We believe that every community across Canada should start a Restore Hub. Connect with us and find out how you can be a force for good in your community.

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