Restore’s Care Planners

A Care Planner is the face and hands and feet of Restore. They do the groundwork, meeting face-to-face with people who are in distress (the client), assessing their needs and working with the client to create a sustainable plan of action out of their distress.

A care planner is a person who

  • enjoys helping others
  • is patient and a good listener
  • can tap into and access the resource network set up by Community Hub to help people find solutions for the problems that they are facing
  • can help with planning out the steps and actions needed for the person that is being helped

Care Planners will connect people who are in distress with available community resources to address their needs. They mentor clients to effectively realize God’s dream for their lives.

Time commitment

  • Care Planners sign up to help one person at a time. Each person may need different amounts of help. On average helping takes approximately 7-8 hours per person helped per month. A care planner can decide how many people they would like to help over the year.

Since 2012.

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